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Janse van Vuuren therefore did the only logical thing – he drew his own pictures. He sold his drawings of Alf, the TV character for tuck-shop money. When the family moved from Amersfoort he painted the mountain that was in front of their house so that he could have it close by forever. He was also given LEGO Building Blocks as a gift. He was immediately drawn to this fantastic game as he realised the limitless potential of the blocks. He soon discarded the building instructions that accompanied the LEGO and created his own masterpieces. This childhood pastime can be cited as the very building block of his interest in 3-D creations.

The Janse van Vuurens moved to Pretoria and Ruhan attended the Jacqui Theron art school where this interest of 3 dimensional objects became a clear talent for sculpture. At the age of 9 he suffered a back injury and stopped playing sports – art became his only interest. Upon finishing High School he received a distinction for Art. He won an Art competition (for his drawings and paintings) and then pursued his artistic path by studying Fine Arts at TUT.

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He excelled in his course, and specialised in sculpture. Jan van der Merwe, his lecturer, was an inspiration then and has been an influence ever since. Janse van Vuuren's final student exhibition sold out – a seeming premonition for the exhibitions as a professional artist that followed.

Janse van Vuuren then spent time working at Dionysus Sculpture Works, a foundry in Pretoria. He was an assistant to Angus Taylor, where he not only assisted in the process of the sculpture from clay to bronze, but he also worked on the sculpting process of many of the Monument commissions through the foundry (such as Chief Tshwane, Brenda Fassie and Solomon Mahlangu among others).
Once leaving the foundry and focusing on his current career as a full time artist the years of play, learning and experience came together.

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