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His collections show a masculine strength that embodies his South African heritage. He works with the human figure with a knowing grace – the sculptures are apt with technical elegance. He challenges our notions of beauty by accepting the beauty that is held in being human.

Not only has Janse van Vuuren exhibited his own collections at Galleries throughout the country, he has also worked on various commissions independently. He recently completed the Monument to Nokuthula Simelane (an unsung heroine of the struggle for freedom) in Bethal, commissioned by the South African government. He still has an ongoing relationship with Vusi Mnchunu and the House of Memory (a foundation that works towards the preservation of history and a social identity).

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Janse van Vuuren also has a keen interest in architecture, and frequently collaborates with landscape artist De Wet Louw, and architect and entrepreneur André Kruger.

Janse van Vuuren is currently busy with a new collection that envelops a memoir style of the definition and redefinition of memory and identity. Janse van Vuuren holds onto his unique voice that speaks to the viewers with a sincere truth. The LEGO days have long since past, but the creation of inspired 3-D forms will remain for many years to come.

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